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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nazareth House Apostolate Primary School, Kabala

Report from the Rev. Foday Mansaray


Dear Mama & Father Hicks,

Greetings from us all at the N.H.A. School Kabala. We are all happy and full of praise of you all for the wonderful work and gift that you have given to the people of Kabala, especially the Ismaia Road community. We thank you for the school as education brings knowledge and knowledge means power. As that is what we need to develop ourselves physically, morally and spiritually.

I am very happy and grateful to inform you that the school has really turn out to be a big blessing for our community, as parents continue to bring their kids to get them enrolled in the school. The teachers are really doing extremely well as they continue to keep and maintain the educational standard of the children. There has been great improvement on the children as parents and other stake holders such as the Deputy Inspector of Education and the Education Secretary of Education of Koinadugu District surprisingly visited the school because of the good report they are getting from the parents about the rapid improvement of their kids. The school can now boast pupils starting from Nursery, Prep 1,2 and 3. The Seamstress had finally completed all the uniforms and every kid now comes to school with the complete attire.

Your visit, the mosquito tent sharing and all that you said to the news people was aired over the local F.M. station in Kabala and people are really happy for all your good work. I think next time your should stay longer for there were lots of people asking to see and thank you for your effort in making this project successful.

As the number of the children continue to grow and we cannot stop them because of the need of education for these kids, I strongly want to support the request earlier made by the teachers for additional staff to meet the growing numbers of the kids at the school and for effective, proper and better education for them all, so that they can match and do better than all the primary school in that locality. After proper accessment,we still need one more teacher to aid the other others, a cleaner to keep the school clean and healthy for the kids as health is wealth, and a security to watch over the school and it properties.

This I strongly believe with your approval and support for this added staff will yield the kind of result you guys are looking for.

I am also asking if it will be possible for you guys to help us with the printing of the school report cards, or you can advice which way you want us to do it. James could send you a sample of how it should be like to help you get a glimpse of how it should be with the N.H.A Logo on it. You will know what color it will be like and what should be the MOTTO of the school. We need you help in these. We also need a school stamp as soon as you can get us one. All the above especially the Results need to be done as or before the end of November. Early December the children will be preparing to take their first term exams or assessment and the report cards are needed to grade them for them to take home for their parents to see.

I am here also to see the possibilities of setting up the school bank account. James said we need a small amount to do this; sorry I had never done anything with a bank in my life so I have no idea. If this is so much trouble, lets say for a start especially for this months teachers salary and other school necessities, that you consider sending it through your director here until we can set the school account in the months to come.

As the educational superintendent, I will work and see to it that I send you monthly report of all the school activities including the income and expenditure of every money that I received fro the school and also to keep receipt of all expenditures.

I will be here till tomorrow by which time I hope to hear from you guys.

Once more, thanks to you all, especially our sponsors all over America and beyond. May God continue to bless us all.

Long live N.H.A. School, long live Mama and Father (Serpahim) Hicks.

Yours faithfully,
Educational Superintendent