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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What are you waking up to this morning?

In Freetown, Sierra Leone today 

at Congo Cross, the day has begun.   
There is work to be done,  busy streets and boulevards,
There is growth to be made, 
roads and highways to be enlarged,  

 and prayers to be said.   
Pastor (Pa) Foday at his church
Local Freetown Mosque
There is lunch to be had ...  
Balmaya: One of the favorite restaurants in Freetown!
 ...BUT poor little Roo lies on the floor with his "well-loved friend".   He has malaria.  

 Moment by moment the streets become more and more active.  
Taxi cabs and pedestrians dart from alley to street.  Papers fly in the wind and tin cans roll to the gutters.  
Rush, Rush...Everyone is "taking care" of business. 
...all the while,  ill children are lying on the floor like Roo throughout the city, the country - unnoticed by the day's activities.   

Roo is fortunate, because of you, through NHA, he has some medications available.  He has a roof over his head. Even so, malaria (any illness) is dangerous in Sierra Leone.  No one is exempt from its effects. The minimum healthcare efforts we depend on in America are a far cry above what a Sierra Leonean can hope for. 

 NHA can't cure it all or feed everyone, but working together, we can make a huge difference in many, many lives ---one life at a time .   

Don't look away, don't give up - don't undo in doubt what you began in faith.  

Give to Nazareth House Apostolate today!

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Be real...
               love real...
                                give real...

Friday, October 22, 2010

NHA School in Kabala

A photo review of James Mansaray's recent quick trip from Freetown to Kabala to visit the students and teachers: 

James spends some time in the classrooms at the NHA Kabala School

Some of the classes of the NHA School gather to begin the school day. 

Students address the student body

Students read from workbooks given by Wanda Thompson of Athens, GA

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ann Marie - We missed you...

Many of you have been asking "Where's Ann Marie?"   We haven't seen her on the blog.  
After a brief visit with some relatives she is back at St. Laurence House - doing that "Nazareth House thing" - sorting medications 
and preparing them for proper distribution.  

It seems Ann Marie has found a secret note that my granddaughter, Jenna stashed away in a package full of medicines.
  Jenna and her little brother, Kelsay were very helpful in packing the box from Louisville, Kentucky.
  Now, it has arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone.   
As Ann Marie unpacks and sorts, 
Roo can't resist getting in the picture....
or should I say getting into the BOX!  

Oh Roo, your smiles always brighten our day! 

Thank you for those who provided the medication, 

thank you to those who packed and shipped it and thank you to Ann Marie, Roo 

and the Nazareth House (St. Laurence House) Staff 

for distributing it to those who need it.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


As Mama Vicki recovers from surgery today, we've just lost a toddler again in Sierra Leone, ROO's best friend, playmate and neighbour.

Borbor as he is called met his untimely death after a high fever attack  last night. I guess another case of malaria. He dropped the young body before reaching the hospital.

Today ROO returns home from school without a friend.
My heart aches... Please keep Borbor's mother in your prayers.

Thank you all.


Pray for Mama Vicki

Dear Friends,

I now realize how MAMA VICKI always feels when am very sick here in Sierra Leone and she cannot be here to take care of me. Frankly enough, its has always been me, or a member of my family or a poor kid like Sheku to name but a few.

I will refer to my worst trouble early this year when i was involved in that terrible road accident. Mama Vicki almost chew the phone wanting to be here. As i write this, Mama Vicki is currently in Surgery in Kentucky and am unable to be with her. However, i am still connected to her through my prayers  and i ask you all to pray too.

The idea of her in Hospital is making me sick and as i pass the word here in Sierra Leone about her immediate surgery i can see the worried eyes of thousands too. I trust God to take control but its just not easy to see or hear that the one we all look to is down. I cant handle it without  her help and begging spirit for the poor and needy here. I just cant do anything without her so we want her to be ok.
The kids at our NHA school in Kabala needs her, not to mention of the lot in the remote villages where she always take care of the sore feets, feding the hungry, or take care of the worm packed belly etc. so much in her hands that without your helping hands she cant do it all.  Oh how i wish to be near a good Woman and a mother to many here. Mama Vicki is everything and i cant say more about her but ask you all to pray.

 And as she recover from this surgery, please do not forget to carry on the work of Nazareth House. I will prefer we make it easier on her today and give money towards the unfinished compound in Kabala. We still need to get all this down before Christmas and we are still behind in paying the remaining money.

  There is only one MAMA VICKI i know who has always been there for us all, and trust me she will be hard to find if we ever lose her. Today am in her shoes, reminding all to help out the work of NHA while  she is out of Surgery, This i promised her if only she will be ok.

I thank you all.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tick, tick, tick.... the hands on the clock are moving fast.

 As the Nazareth House Apostolate School

in Kabala carries on its daily routine,

educating children

across the dirt path there is lots of activity.

The doors and panels for the Nazareth House Apostolate Compound have arrived

from Freetown

and are being unloaded.
Helping others is the Nazareth House way

and the students at the NHA School, Kabala are keen to follow suit

they quickly enlist themselves

 to help out

spreading cardboard

 to keep the freshly stained woodwork from scratches.

Everyone doing all they can to make it happen.  Still we need more.

Keep up the good work, as you can see the inside of the house has much work yet to be done... let's all do what we can to make this Center of Operations for NHA a reality.   Please send in your tax deductible donation today.  Time is ticking away....

Donate through the website at or send your gift to NHA; 2216 Goldsmith Lane; Louisville, KY 40218