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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

NHA School in Kabala

Report by James Mansaray, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Last month’s visit to Kabala brought out plenty of smiling faces of our beloved NHA schools students.  A new school year is now underway. 
Everyday there are more children streaming in for admission, a new set of pupils promoted to class 5 with just a year more before we have the first set to prepare for the external common entrance examination which will guarantee them a step to Junior Secondary school.
Looking at all the progress we've all made in the development of the NHA School, it brings a twinkle to my eye and it should do the same to you.  
As this new school year rolled around, with the collection for the NHA Compound and other needs, we hated to ask you all for the needs of the school.  
The joint effort we all made in the previous years in providing uniforms for our pupils was never talked about for we hate to ask and ask always, but the need was there. 

So again, this year, my wife Kadijah and I made personal sacrifices to provide the uniforms rather than cause Mama Vicki to put more burden on you to help us with more funding.  
Yet still a whole lot of students need some more as we continue to admit more pupils that can’t afford to pay anything.  They desperately need the primary education and we cannot and will not turn them away.
As the students graduate to next levels of education, their promotion means new subjects and the cause for new teaching materials.  

A list of most need text books was presented to me to buy in Freetown.  Properly at least each child needs a set of these books, but with no extra funding we simply purchased a set for each teacher and the students must copy from the blackboard. 
We are struggling at the school, to provide the proper education without the necessary equipment and tools.  However, NHA is stifled in moving forward on taking care of these issues until we complete the payment process on the NHA Compound. 
Every penny extra over our normal monthly budget for humanitarian needs must be applied toward the compound.    I don't know how to put into the words how great the NEED is to finish this compound.  It is our Center of Operations. 

How can you operate such a work without a place to work out of? Yes, my wife and family will take up residence in the building but it is so much more than shelter over our heads! The need is so great.   Without it, we simply can't continue the work at the capacity that people in Sierra Leone have been depending on us to do.  

You have started so much in your work through NHA, so many lives are changed for the better, yet there is so much more that MUST continue.   

We cannot allow it all to stop in its tracks and not move forward.   Look at the faces of these students - they deserve an education.   

They should have the opportunity to have at least one meal each day, shelter from the weather, healthcare - all the things that NHA can provide them with your help.

When you see the needs; think about noticing a poor, beaten man lying on the road. Should you cross to the other side of the road?  Look away?  Ignore?  Or will you show 
the poor mercy and care for them?   

Please give to NHA today.  You can send money to 2216 Goldsmith Lane, Louisville, KY 40218 or through the paypal donation link on the NHA Website.  

Thanks a million for you help...and remember everything helps - no matter how small.  


......Then Jesus said to him "Go and do likewise".  Luke 10:30-37