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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Wanted: Compassion...and a bit of help....

Tornado havoc in the Southern United States, flooding in Middle States... there are so many needs all around us,

...people suffering, people in trouble. America and as we know so well... in Sierra Leone.

It seems we are called more than ever to join together to give support and help each other out.

Seraphim's father frequently told his children, "be nice to everyone, everybody's having a hard time".  

That statement rings true, especially today.  

In the midst of this, I give you a situation update in Sierra Leone.   

May 2011 is here and James and Kadijah's lease has now expired.  There are no more extensions, it is finished.

The St. Laurence House in Freetown is no more.

James and Kadijah, with Roo,

Lucy and Ann Marie,

must move out immediately, with all the supplies that we use to help others.

We are building the compound in Kabala, but there is much to be done to bring it to live-in standards.

 If you can help with a financial donation, we'd appreciate it.  That would be fabulous.
 And, if you know someone you might want to invite to be a part of this work,
a work that changes so many lives for the better,

please introduce NHA to them.  
We are so close to completing this project (the NHA Compound in Kabala)
and it is such an important step towards the future aid and ministry we can bestow on Sierra Leone.   Please help.    Ask your friends, church, co-workers, relatives, neighbors.... spread the word, tell of the needs of others and how someone can personally make a difference.   We've done so very much through Nazareth House... let's go a little further.

Donations can be sent to:

185 Captains Cove Drive
Taylorsville, KY 40071

or made through the website: 


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Golden Jubilee: Sierra Leone

27 April 1961 to 27 April 2011
Independence Celebrations
People are celebrating the 50th Independence Day Anniversary 

of Sierra Leone all over the country in many ways.  
What a joyous sight it is to see people crowding together in celebration and unity.  
They are  rejoicing as they demonstrate  their  love for  beloved, Mama Salone.  
Entertainers spare no expense to put on a great show for the people.   
And the people come by the thousands to experience such lavish festivities.   

Lights, cameras & action - all around.   

This truly is an event to remember.   

In a country where life expectancy is 40 years old (ref. BBC article), for some it will be a once in a life time event.  
It is good for the country to have a coming together, a Nationwide Celebration.  

Certainly, it is a diversion of the daily struggles. 
It encourages and uplifts.   
May the festivities shine on...


...and tucked away in Freetown, 
and in Kabala, 
and around the areas

there are some quiet celebrations going on, as well.   

These people are celebrating because
 they have been remembered, 


and cared for by you!  

May we never forget! 

Your donation to Nazareth House Apostolate may not seem like much to you, 
but to these people, 
it is the difference between a day with or without.  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NHA: Doing what we do best...


Nazareth House Apostolate isn't a large organization with a lot of funding, but everything we have we put straight to good use.  
Thank you for your response to our recent appeal.   We are "catching-up" bit by bit. Like everyone else in this economic times, we will take each day at a time - moment to moment.  

We are not out of the woods yet, we may never be ...and that's not even the point.
The point is... we do what we can do in the moment - whatever the moment holds, that's where we are because that is where God is...   in the moment.

Last week this man was praying for help, this week thanks to you of NHA, he is giving thanks

Last week, the moment presented us with some elderly people housed in a nursing home near Freetown.   They were in need of a boost, not just nutritionally, but emotionally.

Despite the pressures NHA is contending with -  providing for those under our care each month, all the while trying to raise extra funding to pay for the completed construction of our NHA Compound in Kabala (moving our staff, etc. ); we are banding together to reach out to the immediate needs of those around us.

Our supporters are real people with real situations and when they lose their jobs in this uncertain economic climate it does affect us but this is when the unity amongst our NHA family kicks in and we work together to overcome the obstacles.
And at a time when there was uncertainty whether our staff would find their next meal, we have come to the aid of yet another group of people -- we've enlarged the family a bit more, expanding to accommodate a few more who need us.  

Kadijah made Fr. Seraphim's favorite African snack - banana cakes.
Lucy hands out the banana cakes that Kadijah made
She made enough for each person residing at the Elderly Home to have their own stash.

Not only that, we provided a few large bags of rice and some drinks for the people.  

There is a big difference in what just a little care can do for a friend in need...
Last week when we first saw this woman

Lucy with the lady this weekend.  Notice she is dressed and holding onto her banana cakes!
AND...not only that, but we gave the gift of touch, a hand held, a hug.
Ann Marie, holding a woman whose ability to hold was taken away by Rebels in a most horrific way

NHA doing what it does best, loving each other, caring...
Keep it up, dear ones...   NHA has many depending on them, spiritually and physically........  Let's not let them down.  
The latest members of this growing Nazareth House Family.   A family of Love. 
Make a commitment to monthly donations.   And if you haven't given to NHA, please consider doing so today.  

God bless you all!