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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Angela Kadijah Mansaray

Angela Kadijah Mansaray, birthday: April 8th 1980.

Known to us as Kadijah, she is married to James, our Director of Nazareth House in Freetown. He will be the first to tell you that he did well in finding her. She is a rare and wonderful individual.

She is mother to Lucy and Roo and adopted mother to Ann Marie and now, Amie. She works for Nazareth House distributing medications and the humanitarian aid as well as the administration work (keeping the books, documentation, etc) of the organization.
She manages the domestic work of St Laurence House (cooking, cleaning, etc). She is a very intricate and important part of Nazareth House.

Everything that can be said about Kadijah is pictured in this photo of her with little Sheku. Look at the concern in Kadijah's eyes. Anyone seeing a sad sight such as this would have concern, rightly so. This is the day before this dear child died of the worms which invaded his body. Kadijah thinks with her heart. This enables her compassion to stretch all limits and encompass all that she does. She is love embodied to its fullest.


It was Kadijah that noticed Mohammed, in trouble on the streets, understanding his situation and wanting to give him as much dignity as possible, she fetched James to bring him into St. Laurence House and give him a hand. (To see -cut and paste to your browser this link: from our June 5th blog about Mohammed)

Where ever there is work to be done, wherever there is need; you will see Kadijah quietly, hidden, tending to the matter at hand. Many times at St. Laurence House, I have stepped aside from the busy-ness of our work only to find Kadijah silently preparing food to slip to the beggar in the streets. All day long people, especially children, filter into the little "back yard" area of St. Laurence House where Kadijah cooks and does laundry. A meal is sitting there for them. Nothing is said. If I hadn't gone looking for Kadijah one time, I would have never noticed it was going on. She feeds the people, attends to them, gives them company.

You never see Kadijah idle. She is always busy, always working, always providing.


Nazareth House is proud to have her on our team!


I was absolutely delighted to have Kadijah be by my side to help with the Opening Day of the School. I didn't expect this would happen, knowing that Ann Marie and Lucy couldn't miss school. Kadijah managed to arrange for the girls to stay safely in Freetown with James' brother, Joseph and Roo stayed with a friend. I was so thankful. Opening a school can be hectic and it was Kadijah's quiet comfort and constant assistance that made the day go so smoothly.
PHOTO CAPTION: Kadijah and Mama Vicki crying tears of joy watching opening of the Nazareth House Kabala School

Many people gave and sacrificed to make the school in Kabala possible, but the three embracing one another in the above photo, in my opinion made it happen. James, making all the horrible journeys back and forth to Kabala; Pa Foday making it all a reality in Kabala and Kadijah keeping St. Laurence House running and the work of Nazareth House so that James could push the work on the school. They did a remarkable job.

Everytime I turned around, Kadijah was quietly there, giving a helping hand.
Personally, Kadijah is one of my daughters, we have totally adopted her. Father Seraphim and I love her so much. She is this silent, dainty little flower that blooms in the midst of the harshness of Freetown and transforms it all with beauty and love.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BREAKING NHA NEWS: AbuBakarr, Teacher at Nazareth House School is very ill.

Teachers: Mr. Anthony B. Sesay, Mrs. Lucy Kamara, Mr. Abubakarr Fofonah, Mr Manso Dumbuya

Fr. Seraphim with teachers, Lucy, Abu, Anthony and Manso

Mama Vicki presenting September Salary to AbuBakarr

Nazareth House Kabala School teacher: Abubakarr Fofonah

I have just received word from James in Freetown that Abubakarr, one of our teachers at the Nazareth House Kabala School is very ill. They are thinking he may need surgery for a ruptured hernia, he has high fever, infection. Please keep him in your prayers and pray strength for the other teachers as they tend to their students in their overflowing classrooms and as they fill in for Abubakarr and his students.

We have sent the teachers salaries and the school's supply money for the month. There is a small amount that we can adjust and give aid to Abu for his illness. Whatever it takes, we must help him out. He is so valuable to the school.

Maria Stianchie has received confirmation that the container filled with supplies for Sierra Leone from One Love Foundation is indeed aboard ship and traveling to Sierra Leone. Fantastic News!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Meet Lucy Jamestina Mansaray, St. Laurence House, Sierra Leone


Birthdate: September 24, 1996

Introducing an up and coming accountant that we should all keep our EYE on is Lucy Mansaray of St. Laurence House. Nazareth House's story began with Lucy in the year 2000, when her father, James met Fr. Seraphim.
Sweet Lucy is the first born of James and Kadijah Mansaray. To be as young as she is, she has weathered much difficulty during her lifetime; having been born in the middle of the Civil War in Sierra Leone and survived through the height of it.

This is a credit to her parents' incredible "savvy-ness" and her own level head, good judgment and quick thinking. Lucy delivering rice to a woman in need. Notice the poor lady is holding Lucy's hand with her two amputated stumps. (Click on photo to enlarge)
Despite the traumatic struggles in her environment, Lucy always shines forth a bright smile.

From the first meeting of Lucy into Nazareth House, she became a child of prayer; in particular, the Rosary.
As a very young lady, Lucy would pray and teach to the Rosary to everyone she meets.

A few years ago, while in Sierra Leone, I became violently ill. To be honest, I thought there was a real chance that I would not make it through the night. At one point, as I lay at St. Laurence House, I felt a presence at the foot of my bed. As I opened my eyes, there sat Lucy. "Mama, I want to pray with you" she said. She held my hand and prayed the most beautiful, tender, sweet prayers. I will never forget that moment and how dear it is to me.

Lucy has grown into a spectacular and brilliant young lady. She continues, year after year, to win honors in her schooling.

Nazareth House is honored to support her in her education. She now attends the Lebananese International School in Freetown,having chose this school for its specialty in accounting.

Lucy is very active in Nazareth House work. Helping out in all aspects of the humanitarian aid deliveries and mission work.

A talented and special young lady, We Love You, Lucy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Meet Little Roo of St. Laurence House in Sierra Leone.


This next Blog Series will be to introduce the newcomers to Nazareth House to the faces and people who make up this organization. We will begin in Sierra Leone with our beloved family who operate our rented distribution house, affectionately known as ST LAURENCE HOUSE.

For information as to the reason we named the center "St. Laurence House" refer to previous post of this blog ran on August 10, 2008, Treasures of the church" (


James Mansaray is the director of St. Laurence House and the head of his household, however, little Roo (his son) runs a pretty good show of his own within St. Laurence House.
Even while growing in Kadijah's womb, when he first received his nickname, Roo captured the hearts of all of us. He is one of the cutest and smartest two years old around.

His smile can melt even the coldest of hearts.

Yet, like every toddler journeying through the Terrible Twos, Roo has his moments when he is mischievous, rambunctious and not too pleasant to be around.



Many parents in America (and maybe in Europe, too - I'm not sure), reprimand their children that misbehave by making them sit in "time-out"; a space or area where they must sit quietly, compose themselves if crying and contemplate what they had just done wrong. Upon arriving at St. Laurence House, we found out that Roo's "time out" is the wall. If Roo is whining or misbehaving, he is told "Roo, face the wall!" and little Roo obediently faces the wall until he can collect himself. More times than not, the question, "Roo, You want to face the wall?" will turn the situation in a positive manner without actual wall time taking place.

After a small time of contemplation while facing the wall, Roo always makes sure to apologize and show his parents he loves them. It is as if he understands that the corrections they give are in the end for his own benefit.

With all of us encouraging and supporting him along the way, we are expecting Roo to do big things as he grows up. Who knows? Maybe President of Sierra Leone some day???


Fr. Seraphim playing soccer with Roo at a store front in Freetown.