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Friday, April 23, 2010

Mako's Weekend NHA School Report

By Mako Mansaray, Kabala, Sierra Leone

Greetings to you all from NHA School Kabala,
We as a thriving school are happy to thank you all for the continuous help and support you are giving to us as a center of the Kabala children's education.

The education Superintendent Rev.Foday Mansaray (loving known as "Pa Foday), the teachers and pupils want to thank you all in our varioius ways for helping us with the motorbike. The motorbike was shown to the school this morning byPa.Foday. Everybody was delighted. This will help the school greatly in our 'Home Visit' programme.

Schooling for this week was very good. The turn out of the children was 95% as compared to the first week of the re-open of school. Parents are really supporting us as a school.They make sure the children are there on time for the morning devotion and normal school classes.

We continue to help the sick children to get medical treatment at the Kabala Government Hospital.Although this is not easy, as most of the time parents have to go find a pharmacy to buy the drugs themselves as there is little supply of medications in the hospital.We thank God as the school is always trying to help. Pa. Foday will also use the motorbike to take any of our sick children to the hospital, as this is the most easy and fastest way to move in and around Kabala.

The Kabala township yesterday witnessed some political unrest that resulted in violence. This caused the disruption of schools,businesses and the peaceful lives of the people in the town.Parents had to rush out to various schools to collect their children. Shops and other businesses were closed down until the situation was put under control by the security forces.

We at NHA chose to keep our children in school under lockdown until the problem was brought under the full control of the security apparatus.I am happy to report that none of our children were hurt in the process,and our parents' this morning came to the school thanking the school management for keeping their children safe.It was a plus on our side. We really thank God for that.

Life returned to normal later on in the day,and everything is fine today as the township is back in it's activities and kicking around.

Once more we want to thank you all for the help, prayers and support.Your support is making great boys and girls out here who in the future will help in building a better Sierra Leone.

May the good Lord continue to bless us all.
Much love from us all in NHA Kabala,
Jerry Mako.