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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Post comes so St. Laurence House can do their job... Giving, Giving, Giving.

Most of the supplies we ship to St. Laurence House in Freetown is hospital supply, medical, over the counter medicine and special needs. However, the USPS allows 20 pounds per flat rate box. Many times we have syringes and IV tubing which weigh very little. So we cram the box with other items taking advantage of the 20 lb limit. These last few shipments have been filled with medicines and extras to be distributed at Christmas time to those living around Freetown. We've also shipped our annual candy canes for the students at our Nazareth House Apostolate Kabala School. Many of the over the counter medications were purchased from Dollar Tree and Big Lots. Effective medication at a great price.

We've been praying for little Samuel Mansaray, the son of Paul and Hannah Mansaray. Paul is James' elder brother. Samuel has not been well, not able to take nourishment and has no appetite or energy. Plagued with repetative fevers and swollen glands, no doctors have been able to diagnose him or help him.

Samuel was the reason for this shipment, we sent him some nourishment boosters such as "Kids essentials" to give him vitamins and hopefully stimulate his appetite.

The boxes are hauled home from the Post Office to St. Laurence House
(Kadijah is lifting 60 pounds worth of supplies - 20 lbs per box)
where they are sorted according to distribution.
The St. Laurence House family
gets into the helping unload and sort the boxes.
Everyone is checking to see if there might be something special
just for them tucked in the packages.
I always try to put something fun, something unusual for James and the family to find when they open up the boxes.
This time it was Groucho Marx Faces which Roo and James
displayed for us all immediately! Heh! Groucho doing the Spiderman sign... Oh Roo, such fun you are...
"Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes? " -Groucho Marx

In these particular packages Roo received his Christmas gifts, a bit early. When I was in Freetown, Roo had a tiny toy Scooby Doo toy, so I sang the Scooby Doo theme song from the cartoon. He looked puzzled at me. Roo didn't know there were Scooby cartoons or Scooby Songs or anything. So in returning to the States, I sent him some dvds, only to find out that their television at St. Laurence House has now bit the dust and there is no way to watch the videos... sigh. Prices for an old analog TV in Freetown range upwards of $900 so it is not feasible to buy one there, and no way to afford cost of shipping them one - for now they will do without and maybe I can figure a way to bring a portable dvd player to them next mission visit. However take a good look at the smile on Roo's face,
watching the videos doesn't matter to him, he's happy enough just to look at all the DVD cases with his favorite characters on them.

This was Roo's special box,
having new Scooby Doo pajamas
and several people helped add a few spiderman gifts -
ah this Christmas has already proven to be one of his best,
Roo is very happy but ALWAYS
remembers to share with his friends.

Nazareth House and all involved are very thankful for your love and support. You make this happen! You are bringing about many many smiles. God bless you!