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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kabala Report from James in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Report James Mansaray: NHA Media: 28 May: Having spent four good days in the provinces, i am happy to report it all to you.
This time it was on a late Friday evening when i got a comfortable ride to Kabala. Phone lines were out so it was very difficult for me to inform Mama Vicki earlier but she finally got hold of me and we got little time texting back and forth.
I did took along few medications, some rice and building supplies to help push the school Construction. With the little money sent by Mama Vicki just a day before i left, there was enough to do all of the wall plastering and white washing as you can see on the pictures. Day by day the workers are doing their best and i guess it wont be too long to see it all done.
Saturday morning was kind of hectic. I was busy moving back and forth buying more concrete whilst Pa Foday was painting and the rest of the workers doing their part. Lunch time was the only break we had and at the end of the day, a whole portion of work was done.
Sunday they rested but i took time to do medications in some very poor and needy areas. With a blink of an eye a box full of kids pain and fever medication was all gone. I felt so guilty for not meeting all their needs so i promised the rest that more will come later. At the other end of this small village a group of kids were struggling over a little pot of left over rice in a small pot. One of them almost ate the pot licking and licking and there was nothing in it. An old lady tending to these kids said please bring us rice........

Monday was another long day with more work done. At this point, seems as if we need more concrete to finish all the walls and floors before we think of the ceiling, doors and windows before painting is done.
More people mostly villagers just cant wait to see this done as they kept stopping every moment to say hello and thanks to the workers. Pa Foday like Fr. Hicks patient enough to answer to every question.

Even though I exhausted my self enough, i was happy to make this trip and indeed it was a successful one and the contractor said they will finish the building supplies on friday and will wait till more money comes in to finish the other parts.
Before closing this one, two issues were of interest to me. I noticed more crowded vehicles due to the recent fuel increase making it very dangerous to travel for those who cant meet a comfortable ride and the of cause mangoes taking the place of rice every where but this wont be too long before the struggle begins again.

I look forward to make another trip as soon as more money comes in to finish this school work. Thanks to you all for your relentless support so far.
God bless you all.