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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rice Price Gauging in Freetown?????

It is being reported that the business owners in Freetown are sending their workers out to buy large quantities of bags of rice. They, in turn, sell it to the population of Freetown at a higher price than they, themselves paid. Whether this is indeed the case or not, the above photos are evidence of the "hoarding" of rice. The people in Freetown, unable afford to purchase rice (their main food source) by the bag, now are buying it by the cup - enough to get through the day - and if they are lucky to have enough money - enough to get through a week.

It is interesting to note the US AID written on the bag of rice in the above pictures. It was my understanding that Humanitarian AID rice was provided to countries in need - free of charge, yet these bags will be sold to the people in Sierra Leone for a profit.

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