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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Plea from James Mansaray, living, working, caring in Sierra Leone

By James Mansaray: Freetown, Sierra Leone

It’s been thirteen straight heavy rain days as of today. I'd say we're almost half way through this dreaded, rainy season. Most of us consider it the hungriest month here in Sierra Leone. Many of us dream of making a living during the normal sunny days, its not easy, mostly impossible to find work enough to feed our families. Now, consider what it is like with everything flooded! For many, like the Kroo Bay Community, its nothing but more harder suffering, more deaths and lost of property. Hunger? During this rainy season HUNGER is a way of life. You fill your belly with contaminated water so the hunger rumblings are quieted and in your weakness you work harder to try to find a way to support yourself and your family.

Whilst tons are unaware of all this in America and the richer countries, I choose to draw your attention back to the same old life stories that shows nothing but more suffering for so many here in Sierra Leone. Nazareth House Apostolate works so hard to get the word out about the needs, they provide the staff and ability to fulfill the needs but they need only one thing. The Funding!

Sierra Leone is so far away from your everyday lives in other countries, it is easy to forget how bad things are. But you only have to scroll through past posts of this blog to see the reality of it all. For these poor people around us, they have no choice but to continue suffering in the same way moment after moment till their cries are heard.

For the people of Kissy Brook at the eastern part of Freetown, they go about their daily life, trying to make it through a day. Looking for food, looking for work, trying to stay alive. Their cries were never heard till a huge stone rolled (dislodged from rains)down over their mini poor houses early this morning killing several. Amongst those dead four were sweet, unfortunate and innocent children under the age of five who could not run fast enough and hid into their graves. I was in tears to see it all! Such a sorrowful scene.

(interviews with the people of Kissy Brook & photos on tomorrow's blog - if internet server is co-operative.)

Few days ago Mama Vicki and Iwere discussing the possibilities of bringing more rice and medication to those desperately in need not only around St. Laurence House but also to reach as many as we could down at the Kroo Bay Community. More rains continue to pour in and now this incident at Kissy Brook has happened. I find it very sad to see all this odd stuffs around us repeating itself with less and less attention being given to the aid of it. These people need help. I need help. Please. I know that things are tight for everyone around the world, but some way, some how can you please send in a few bits to help us change some lives?

If we rally together, like we've done before, it need not be a burden for just a few, we can all do what we can and share it. Think of ways to raise money, beg to the people at your work, collect at your church, let everybody know that the people of Sierra Leone are counting on you through Nazareth House to make it happen.