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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kissy Brook landslide, Freetown, Sierra Leone

In a recent gmail chat, James and I were discussing the horrid Landslide at Kissy Brook,
caused by the heavy rains that Sierra Leone is experiencing at this time.
In pondering a way to describe this story, our chat itself seemed to define it best so I decided to simply share it with you. Sprinkled within the chat are the actual photos of the landslide taken my James.
Chat between Vicki in Louisville, KY & James in Freetown, Sierra Leone via internet chat:
3:50 PM Vicki:photoman, how you day? You ok? your pics are arriving in my email. the person laying down, who is it?

3:51 PM James: an injured girl, hurt by the rock slide in Kissy Brook others died, she lucky to survive.
I tried to talk to a man who lost his 5 yr old daughter but he was just crying and could not talk. I wanted to find way to help him, to see what his needs were.

3:52 PM Vicki: :( so sad, ...sigh...
poor guy. This breaks my heart.

3:53 PM James: cries everywhere, no hope for them
it is a risky place for them to stay but they say they have no other choice but to languish there
there are more there with no where to go
and am afraid more rocks will soon fall if the rains continue

3:54 PM Vicki: understand... the photos tell the severity and sadness
anything else to say?

3:56 PM James: they are crying and asking for help. I do not want to just document this tragedy and and go. but I have a plan to go back there if we have the funding to help few with food, medication etc

3:57 PM Vicki: I will make sure this is said on blog... anything else?
all we can do is make people aware of the needs and hope for the best.

3:58 PM James: lets help them out. My heart is so heavy for these people, mama.

Donations can be sent to Nazareth House Apostolate, 2216 Goldsmith Lane, Louisville, KY 40218 (funds specifically for Kissy Brook Landslide victims should be noted as such) or paid via paypal on our website link.