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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nazareth House returns to Kroo Bay

Report from James Mansaray: Freetown, Sierra Leone.

A single phone call from me to Nurse Adama, who works at Kroobay Clinic was just enough to create a whole scene of happiness for them with the hope of receiving more medication from NHA.

At this time when the need is so great and nothing is little in the eyes of this hard working team.

They need everything they can get so that they can tend to the desperate and water bound people of the Kroo Bay Community.

Its was a combined effort from Lucy,

Ann Marie and Lilian ( Lucy’s friend at school)

that made up this caring team to help ease the great needs of this community. Lillian, who was just visiting with Lucy and Ann Marie, thought it fitting to help out for the first time.

Her looks became a bit sad, after seeing what the reality of what Kroo Bay is like. In fact she took the place of Mama Vicki as she was called “ Orpoto” everywhere by the kids meaning "White Man" (woman). It might be a handful but whatever little we give to these people, it is put to use immediately.

I was filled with happiness to learn from Nurse Adama that the bags full of medication Mama Vicki gave couple of months back was a great help and big relief to this medical team when this whole community was covered with water about a year ago.

Nurse Adama herself said, “the big bag you gave came at the right time and we will never forget such a wonderful surprise from you people. It was the best supply that we ever had.”

The fact was, we were turning our helping hands one direction to another part of town when this small clinic at Kroo Bay was noticed by Fr. Hicks.

Here the needs are great and here NHA is needed so much if we could all come together and help in our own little way.

Consider yourself in the midst of a wet mattress or a cold blanket, a situation where there is no option, a place where the sound of a rain fall brings fear... meaning a bucket in the hand all night to save your feet....... and this is everyday life.

Scenes of seriously ill kids waiting for help in a place where the supplies are little, in a world where everything meant money with nothing at hand.

Men and women crowded in the same ward with different medical cases, making it a possibility for the spreading of more diseases. According to the other Nurse I spoke to, there is not a day when a severe diarrhea or malaria case will not be reported.

And now with the rains pouring down every day in a place like this, things are getting . We can not sit and wait to hear more deaths as happened at Kissy Brooks few days ago? Not when Nazareth House has the people on the ground and ability to help these people.

We only need the funding to make it happen. Send your donations to NHA so that an IV could be bought at least to save one life before it’s too late.

Mama Vicki has medical supply enough for Kroo Bay Clinic but must transport it to Sierra Leone. We cannot trust post office for these precious items, she must bring it in herself. It is important during this time, that she and Fr. Seraphim are here, to give out the needed supply, to help us out, to work with the doctors, nurses and people in need. Help us raise the funds to make this trip a reality. Thank you.

God bless you all.


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