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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Report from James on Dr. Sho-Sawyer

FREETOWN,SL: By James Mansaray

As newspapers continue to pass on the message of the tragic road accident along the dusty BO highway claiming the lives of beloved Kadija and their driver, Dr. Sho-Sawyer continues to heal up at the Choithram Memorial Hospital at Hill Station. There have been conflicting stories about his condition so I took up the time this morning to visit him, together with a friend of mine Ibrahim Bah, a driver working with a group called A Call To Business based in the UK. I had not had the good fortune to meet Dr. Sho-Sawyer before today and I was so sad that our first meeting was surrounded by him in such pain. Representing Nazareth House, I wanted to extend our condolences and be assured he was doing as best as can be expected.

At the hospital we met the doctors doing their morning rounds, so we waited out a while before we were let in. As we opened the door, I noticed a huge bandage on his head and also damage on his left foot. We greeted him well and he responded ever so politely. No wonder everybody talks good about him! He smiled well and shake my hand before he lay back looking down at us. To myself, I said "thank God he is alive and talking to us". When asked how he was getting along he said "ok" but kept complaining about the pain of his left leg. It seems as if more needs to be done for that leg and I pray that the hospital can provide that for him.

It was morning and more people were coming in to say hello so we kept our visit short and said good-bye to him. I told him before we leave to "get well". I look forward to visit him again soon.

As for now, he is in great pain and needs lot of prayers and love. This you can do even from afar.

Dr. Sho-Sawyer together with the late Kadija have been very strong working hard to help the new Sierra Leone in their own way. We are so very grateful for them both.
...and with Kadija's passing, there is so much the less charm in the world today.

Thanks for all your prayers, please continue them for Dr. Sho-Sawyer and the families(Jalloh & Sho-Sawyer) of all involved.