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Monday, December 8, 2008

Prominent young leaders in Sierra Leone involved in tragic Car Collision.

Nazareth House Apostolate extends its heart-felt condolences to the family & friends of Kadija Jalloh, 22 of the United States and the Sho-Sawyer family of Freetown, Sierra Leone. A tragic accident on the Bo Freetown Highway took the lives of Ms. Jalloh and the driver, Mr. Ade Sho-Sawyer. Critically injured in the accident is Diaspora Director, Dr. Sho-Sawyer, the fiance' of Ms. Jalloh.

Ms. Jalloh had arrived in Sierra Leone from the United States but two days before the fatal accident. She and Dr. Sho-Sawyer were recently engaged to be married. Kadija & Dr. Sho-Sawyer were on their way to attend an Open Government Initiative session. Dr. Sho-Sawyer had recently returned to Freetown from a trip to the United States to attend meetings held concerning the Diaspora Program.

The reports we've received are that a large truck maneuvering through thick dust in the air at high speeds as it weaved through the pot holes crashed into the driver side of the car, killing the driver, Mr. Ade Sho-Sawyer and Ms. Jalloh, who was sitting behind the driver. Both were pronounced dead at the scene. It has been reported that the driver of the truck involved in the wreck, left the scene of the accident and has not yet been located.

Dr. Mitchel Sho-Sawyer received head and hip injuries and is listed in critical condition at the Choitram's Hospital in Freetown. Our prayers are with Dr. Mitchel Sho-Sawyer for a quick and complete recovery as well as our deep sympathy for the loss of his beloved, Kadija.

Road conditions can be extremely hazardous (frequent deep pot holes, etc.) in Sierra Leone making travel treacherous. Adding further adverse conditions such as high speeds and/or bad weather conditions; the chances of automobile collisions becomes even greater.

Nazareth House Apostolate Board Members and Staff have not personally met either of those involved in this horrific accident but their work in the Diaspora Program and Youth for Sierra Leone Improvement (Kadija Jalloh is President of the Maryland Chapter) are highly regarded in America and in Sierra Leone. We are deeply saddened. We ask you all to share in with us in prayer for everyone involved, namely the family and friends of the deceased and especially for recovery of Dr. Sho-Sawyer.