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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Visitation, Thursday, November 20, 4-7 PM at
Hunter-Allen-Myhand Funeral Home
506 Hill Street
LaGrange, GA 30241

Funeral, Friday, November 21 at 11 AM at
St. Andrew's Church
204 Beallwood Drive
West Point, GA 30240



If ever there had been a loss for St. Laurence House, N.H.A school in Kabala and for me especially, the death of Fr. Bob Haux is one with no match. The news of his sudden death made us all sick in the heart for he departed when we needed him most.

Fr. Haux as Ialways call him grew to love us out of nothing. Together with his lovely Miss Su, he fell in love with us from a far and had done extremely much for us the past years that we can't make count of. What is making it so hard for us is that, we never got the chance to meet this great man in real life. This was my dream for he meant a lot to me. It would be very difficult for us to count what he has done for St. Laurence house the past years down to the last days of his life. Looking at his recent pictures when Mama Vicki and Father Hicks visited him, you could see how curious he was to get words about us here in Africa. He always has that tender love and smiles that make us to love him more. Fr. Haux has been sending tons of medications and rosary for kids here in Sierra Leone. He was always around to make sure that we are comfortable no matter what happens. Fr. Haux had taken good care of my ulcer illness sending all sort of medication for me to be well. He recently sent a whole album full of video and music cds to keep life going even in the midst of our troubles. I hope you wouldn't mind to hear that he had been my only condom supplier ever since he learnt that my wife and I are waiting on having the next baby till we have a compound and room. And I will make this promise today that if I ever have a baby boy again, I will name him Bob Haux Mansaray.

As I write this one, it is all coming from the heart and I am still feeling the pinch of his absence. Bob has been in the fore front for us to secure a compound here in Freetown for the continuation of our work here and I believe this is what he wanted us all to do. He has one big heart of gold and we will miss him so much. He is all around us at St. Laurence house and will always be part of us.

I bring words of comfort to his dear wife the lovely Su and the rest of his family at St. Andrews Parish for all of us here. We have been getting lots of visitors at St. Laurence House from all our neighbours and friends who one way or the other had been blessed either physically or spiritually by this late man. We all will miss him.

N.H.A. school will miss him so much and for this reason, Friday has been declared a holiday for all the school kids in memory of this great man who contributed greatly in the completion of that school project. His deeds will never fade in their minds.

As I close this one, I am presently listening to a soft music cd titled 'Faith Of Our Fathers' and it is a gift from the late man. Cant stop the tears at all for this my lost but not forgotten Hero.This is very heavy on us and it is hard to forget the one you love, but this few words from the heart would at least mellow our sorrow and then begin the process of healing.


In Christ,

James and all at St. Laurence House.

James and the rest of our family in St. Laurence House, Freetown, Sierra Leone expressed their sadness over the loss of Fr. Bob.


Each member of St. Laurence House wrote their feelings on a sign





Little Roo expressed his love for Fr. Bob in his own creative manner

Notice that Roo went so far as to express himself all up his leg... see the trail of ink?

Fr. Bob sent over many supplies, many items to St. Laurence House. James said it broke his heart more as he looked around St. Laurence House and "Fr. Bob is all around us".
Above show the dining Table at St. Laurence House

The Refrigerator in St. Laurence House Kitchen


Fr. Bob took the time to send DVD's of all the old fashioned, wholesome movies from the past like "Going my Way" so that our family in St. Laurence House could watch good family oriented shows. Fr. Bob sent rosaries (thousands) for St. Laurence House to distribute and special ones for each member of the family residing there. Together with Ms Su, he sent tons of items especially to the school in Kabala. (Medicine, candy necklaces, toys, tooth brushes, etc. etc.)

Our School, Fr. Bob's School, Nazareth House Kabala School, in which Fr. Bob was so proud; he loved each student, will be closed on Friday, in honor of Fr. Bob Haux and to honor his funeral. St. Laurence House and the Kabala School are officially in a mourning state.