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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pa Foday improving

Last night or as James says it:  "Yester-night", I received this email from James, our director of operations in Sierra Leone:

Hello Mama,
Good day. It was such a long long day for me as usual. Today I ran down town to settle bank, check post, see Marianna, pay money to Seamstress, we owe them a little from last work on the uniforms so I settled that etc.   We still have 50 of the kids without new uniforms.  Hopefully for Christmas we can find a way to get more uniforms made, God willing and provisions met.

Pop (Pa Foday) moved to a single room with better facilities and cleaner but no electricity. 

Pastor (Pa) Foday looking handsome as ever and much healthier 

He using one of the solar lights you sent. Thanks for that.  

Two families from Kabala visited. 

How nice they were to come that far just to see Pa Foday. 

Later on my whole family came too. Kadijah, Roo, Baby Vicki and then Lucy joined us later on after her class.

Left to Right: Baby Vicki, Kadiatu (James sister), Lucy, Kadijah 

 Pa Foday so happy and you can tell from Pictures that he is coming back to life. 

Thanks for all your prayers and financial support. We love you All .

We talk more tomorrow. Getting few school supplies for NHA School in the morning. 

Kadijah is staying for  a week until I come back to help take care of Pop.

Love to Fr. Seraphim.  

How is Fr. Slavin, did his surgery go well?  Is he in pain?  

How is Denny and JoanE doing with all the deer meat piled all around them? 

Mama Vicki shared a Taste of Salone with those at Markwell's Deer Processing - grannat soup (Groundnut Soup).
Soon the Markwell's will share a bit of the products of their labors with James and the One Hut Family in Salone. 
We are looking forward to the jerky.  (click on this link to read previous posts on Deer Jerky: From Lawrenceburg to Kabala You know this, I guess.   Please thank everyone for helping us here, everywhere I look I see someone struggling more than rest.  We need so much help. 

I have attached the receipts for some of the hospital bills paid.  thank everyone for this.  Brima and I have paid these using the funds received from NHA and a bit sent from family. Brima has been helping so much for us and I am so thankful that you guys have added him to the Nazareth House Team here in Salone.  He is so helpful.  
Maybe more will come in the post this week.

As James reports in his email, Pa Foday is improving and enjoying seeing his family and friends from Kabala.  He is anxious to get home and back to normal.  Thank you for your prayers and donations.  NHA may be a very small organization but it certainly spreads out to help many.  

Brima and James have been paying for the hospital bills of Pa Foday.  

120,000 leones equals $27.78

NHA has provided them $1000 so far for this purpose.  

3million leones equals $694.47

The receipts here total $866.70 and do not include his continued stay in the hospital 

60,000 equals $13.89

and recovery treatment or the cost of travel to Freetown and the return to Kabala.  

100,000 equals $23.15

The Ultrasound was extremely inexpensive compared to the cost of one in America.  The technology is not as advanced but proved to be an adequate diagnostic tool.

360,000 leones equals $83.34

Notice in the above photo that this receipt is for the supplies for surgery.  Brima had to obtain and provide even the surgeons rubber gloves.  This means the patients family must run around town and obtain the IV's, the medication and the tools before the operation can take place.

104,000 leones equals $24.07

Notice in the above receipt that pure water must be purchased - as the water from the tap is not purified.     We may complain about the healthcare provided to us in the West but it far exceeds that in 3rd World countries. 

We thank you for your ongoing prayers, love and support.  You are saving lives!  Pa Foday is just one of many that you are helping to provide a better life.  Thank you.