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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Email from:
James Bombolia Mansaray to Vicki A. Hicks 

4:22 AM (2 hours ago)

Subject: Important and urgent school needs.

Sorry I am a bit late to send this but I only got this from Pa Foday last night.  The school is in need of more furniture as the sitting accommodation is getting more difficult as we start the new academic year come second week in September.

He has been checking each class with the carpenter and he came up with this for the benches, desk, tables and cupboards to store books etc.

Also the school office need some make up as more and more people especially from the ministry of education kept popping up to see how we are doing. With the kids doing well with their academic work, we expect them to investigate us more critically so we want to fix up well. I guess you understand.

1.      173 boards needed for benches and desk.
         Le. 17,000 each equals to Le. 2,941,000
         -Nails, polish etc equals to Le. 200,000
2.      11 boards needed for tables and chairs
         Le. 17,000 each equals to Le. 187,000
         Nails, shine paper, lockers, handles, polish and   
         workmanship equals to Le.990,000

This will bring us to a total of Le. 4, 477,000. To equipped the classrooms for the years to come.


1.      15 Boards needed for chairs, big office desk, 2  
          cupboards at etc.  Le. 17,000 each equals to   
-       Lockers, handles, hardboards, sponge, pieces, wood 
        glue, polish, nail, inches etc and workman-ship equals 
        Le. 773,000

A Leone is the currency of Sierra Leone (SLL).  When you add up James figures of this request (Le 4,477,000 for classroom benches, desk, etc  plus Le 238,000- Office chairs, desk & cupboard, and Le 773,000 for lockers,etc.) that he has presented me with on this 2nd week of August  (which we need by the second week of September!) the sum comes to Le 5,273,800.  

Yes, that's Le 5 Million, two hundred seventy three thousand, eight hundred Leones!  Such a large number is very overwhelming.  

But lets break it down in US Dollars ...

though a large amount of money to come up with in one month, it seems a bit more obtainable: 

Le 17,000 equals $3.90.  Therefore each board costs $3.90.   

The total of Le 5,273,800 is for the material: boards, varnish (polish), nails, sandpaper (shine paper), glue, etc and the workmanship (labor). 

We place the need before you.  

Please help NHA raise the $1,223 to make the improvements at the school to accommodate the increased amount of students and satisfy the government regulations. 

We need to act fast to give Pa Foday and the workers time to make the items before school reopens the second week of September.   

Thank you for your prayers, concern and donations. 

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Taylorsville, KY 40071 

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