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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Every time we pack up a package destined for Sierra Leone, I wonder if and when it will arrive.  For the most part, we have been very successful getting supplies to James.  This year (2012) items have made it there with slower results but they are arriving.  We still have some ten boxes not delivered but I was pleased to receive notice that James received 6 boxes just this week.   ...And in the nick of time, our supplies at the NHA Compound were quite low.  The day those 6 boxes were mailed from Taylorsville, Kentucky, we also mailed a 7th box.  It has not showed up yet! 

Each box we ship goes through a series of processing.  First, its the obtaining of the supplies.  

At this time we are accepting these items ONLY (if other items are sent to us we cannot guarantee they will be shipped to Africa):   
  1. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen (pain reliever) -  generic/store brands are adequate
  2. Anti-diarrehial (Big Lots has a generic brand that is inexpensive & works well)
  3. Painrub (for sore muscles)
  4. Cold/Flu medication (adult & children)
  5. Children's multiple vitamin daily supplement
  6. Adult daily vitamin supplement
  7. Infant polyvisol w iron vitamin
  8. Children/Infant pain reliever & fever reducer
  9. triple antibiotic ointment (for wound care)

If you'd like to collect any of these items for us to send to Sierra Leone you may send them to us at 
NHA -St. Simeon Skete
185 Captains Cove Drive
Taylorsville, KY 40071

Please remember that it costs us $60 per box shipped; each box is allowed up to 20 pounds of supplies. 

Bug Spray to repel malaria mosquitoes from Kathy Webb of Sacramento, CA

If you could also collect donations to defray the shipping costs, it would allow us to use our regular monthly donations towards providing education, food, shelter and healthcare to sustain life in the various villages in which we have developed a relationship.  

Once we obtain the supplies, we cram them into the USPS Priority Boxes.  

Its not always easy to close the boxes without any bulges 

but we've learned that sitting on the box works well in this effort. 

We will be visiting Supplies Over Seas next week to obtain medical supplies.  We are accepting donations for us to purchase items from them and would appreciate any help you could give us toward this need. 

Since its founding in 1993 by the Greater Louisville Medical Society Foundation, Supplies Over Seas has distributed over 645 tons of medical surplus to 90 countries. Donated supplies and equipment come from hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, manufacturers and individuals. Volunteers sort and pack the supplies in our warehouse, and the supplies and equipment available to medical facilities and relief groups worldwide.  SOS requests a donation of $50 for the first 50 pounds of supplies and equipment. A donation of $2 per pound is requested for any additional equipment or supplies beyond the first 50 pounds.  

Once items are shipped, we wait to hear the word from James that they have indeed arrived in Sierra Leone.  It is always such a joy to hear the news. 

The news from this particular shipment is good - all of the boxes except one are in James hands safely at the NHA Compound in Kabala!  

We pray the 7th box arrives this week. 

Its fun to see the items being packed here in America 

From our table in Taylorsville, KY to NHA Compound Sofa in Kabala

and then to see them arrive in Africa.   

I always try to send a little something for Roo in the boxes and since Spiderman is his hero, we sent a hat!  

As you can see by the smile, he loves it!  

Little Miss Vicki got some things of her own as well. 

I've been asked what are the most important needs for the work in Sierra Leone.  As always, it is the the maintenance  of programs already in progress there and additional funding for new projects.  

Monthly maintenance of programs established include:

  • feeding many families by providing rice, 
  • providing for the NHA School and the school children, 
  • fees paid for higher education to selected applicants, 
  • medical treatment including hospital fees for the very ill, 
  • shelter 
  • and more.  

New projects include purchase of:

  1. NHA Vehicle - this is of vital importance that we get this project lined up and accomplished quickly.  Please share the word.  Taxi transportation is dangerous with inferior risk-taking drivers and inferior unsafe vehicles.  Much of our work depends on getting to those in need, we simply MUST have our own means of transportation.  ($10,000)
  2. New School uniforms.   Our students are wearing uniforms that have become tattered.   Each child is provided 2 uniforms at the start of school.  These uniforms are worn everyday, switching out with the second set.  Uniforms are washed out in streams beaten over rocks and then dried in the hot African sun.  This takes a toll on the cloth.  We have 300 students.  It costs $25 per student to provide them with 2 handmade complete uniforms.  If you would like to provide one or more students with a new uniform please donate for this project as soon as possible so we can have the uniforms ready in time for the return to school in September. ($7,500)
  3. The NHA Compound is without electricity.  There is no access to electricity in Kabala except by generator.   Our generator which we used at the previous NHA Compounds (St. Laurence House) has sparked its last bit of energy.  James has nursed it, and coaxed it, repair after repair but it has now seen its last day.  To keep in communication (cell phone & internet), battery charging, refrigeration of medications, etc, it is imperative that we have electricity as much as possible.  New generator to properly serve NHA Compound, etc.: $4,500 
There are other areas in which we need to add, improve or repair but for the moment, the three listed are the most needed.  Please consider working with your parish, your school, your co-workers to come up with ways to generate the funding to help NHA raise the funding to provide these necessary items in addition to the monthly maintenance we provide for those in need. Please give to NHA today.  

Thank you. 

School Supplies from Loretta Burwell of Louisville, KY