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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A month ago, Nazareth House Apostolate pleaded for funding to finish the building of the Nazareth House Compound in Kabala, Sierra Leone.  At that time we were still owing $12,304 (as of July 6, 2011).   We are very grateful to those of you who sacrificed to give whatever you could, despite the economic climate in America, to come to the aid of those in need in Sierra Leone.   We are not yet debt free, but we are making progress thanks to those who put their compassion into action.  Today, we owe $6,408!

James Mansaray and our staff, his family have made the move to Kabala from Freetown and are now living in the new NHA Compound, despite it incompleteness.

James shared with me that life is more free of distraction in Kabala.  He likened it to the Nazareth House move into St. Simeon Skete - from Louisville to Taylorsville, Kentucky.  Whereas the Skete, in its quiet simple setting allows NHA to dive deeper and deeper into prayer; the NHA Compound in Kabala allows our work in Sierra Leone to be offered deeper and deeper into the villagers that have been overlooked, left hidden in the cracks.   NHA's presence at St. Simeon Skete and our presence in Kabala marry the two spiritualities of the Saints, Mary and Martha, strengthening the work from both sides of the Atlantic.

We are still in need of your help.   The rainy season is in full swing in Kabala.

This is a good thing as we still do not have water from well flowing to the NHA Compound.   Our staff, thrifty as always, is taking advantage of the rains to fetch water for bathing, cooking, etc.

The family and friends living around our staff have been very good to bring water and help our staff, however, with Kadijah's pregnancy and all, we really need to get this water situation working.  There has been troubles and the work has become difficult and more expensive to get the well pumping to the house.  We have hit water but not yet able to bring it into the house - we need more money to make this a reality.

Your donations are more important than ever.  There is so much to do and until the NHA Compound is complete we cannot move on to meet the growing needs in the surrounding villages.   More and more people are depending on us as we continue to meet are already established responsibilities - paying our teachers each month, providing rice for families, doing our work.  

It is exciting that there has been such a rallying behind us to keep NHA at work!   Remember, every bag of rice given is received in the name of our supporters.  NHA exists as a family, a group of people working together to love each other.  

Last month not only did we bring the NHA Compound debt down by almost half, we were also able to provide the materials to build a 5 bedroom mud brick house complete with zinc roof for the One Hut family.  

The NHA Staff: James, Kadijah & Lucy & Roo visit One Hut Village: February 2011

This family has suffered one catastrophe after another,
In April 2011, Fire destroyed the One Hut Thatch Roofed hut

 leaving them without shelter.  
James mixes concrete for floor & walls of new One Hut Compound
As of today, because of your contributions - the One Hut family is withstanding this current rainy season sheltered  by a zinc roof over their heads.

More concrete for the new One Hut Compound, seen in the background

  Let's keep the momentum going.... making differences, changing not only the lives of others but ours as well - for the better.

Please share the word about this good work, invite others to be a part of it.   Be a NHA Sustainer, become a regular monthly donor to NHA.  

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