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Sunday, November 7, 2010

In Memorial of Andrew Abu Bakarr

This morning as I opened my facebook, I saw this post from James Mansaray of Freetown.  My heart sunk in memory of the horror the people of Sierra Leone suffered at the hands of greed. Andrew was going to be a lawyer and the rebels wanted him to join them in their wickedness.   His refusal cost him his life, hacked to death with a machete.   I need say nothing further, what is written is enough.

...this is only a single memory of a life snatched away, there are hundreds and thousands.  All Sierra Leoneans were touched by the icy hand of wickedness in one manner or another.  Everyone  either lost a loved one, had someone in the family that suffered an amputation or endured the atrocities themselves.

Please help Nazareth House Apostolate do all that it can to improve the lives of these peaceful caring people.   This horror was not rooted in them, it was rooted from outsiders who were driven by greed.

Please give today, as a memorial to those who lost their lives, their arms and legs:  Let's show them LOVE, selfless love.   Give today:

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Facebook posting, Sunday Nov. 7th by James Mansaray:

‎16 years today, Kabala was stormed by Revolutionary United Front rebels and sixteen years today my elder brother Andrew Abu Bakarr aka BIGGER BOY (To Be a Man is not easy) was brutally murdered by these evil men...... Sleep on bro. memories of you still lingers on as if it were yesterday. We miss you so much and wished there was a single picture of you to remember with. R.I.P.
32 minutes ago ·  · 
    • Ishmail Bintia Kamara Oh man God bless. You made me remember this day and the brutal murder of my man, (RIP) by those wicked monks. I could still remember seeing him a day before and the day he was killed lying down whilst his grave is being dug with very few people around.
      16 minutes ago · 
    • Vicki Hicks James, your family is our family. You know this. Though, I never met him, we remember Andrew with love. He is of great dignity, conviction and love. Today, Andrew is looking us over, and smiling at what he sees. You are a wonderful brother and have done so much to help your country recover from such wicked greed. Peace and Blessings, my son, we love you.
      a few seconds ago ·