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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here a Worm, There a Worm! Everywhere a Worm, Worm! We want them to be Gone Gone

As James Mansaray and the family travel throughout villages of the upper Provinces of Sierra Leone,
they happen upon village after village of children infested with internal parasites: worms.
Lucy and Kadijah treat each child as they line up to be rid of their worms.
The living conditions can be unsanitary, it is impossible to prevent people in these area from getting worms.
Its not that the people are dirty.
They wash everything, themselves, their clothes, in many cases many times a day - and they use soap - lots of it.
Notice the child's belly (on right) enlarged with parasites
The problem is their water is not clean, the water they drink nor the water they wash in.  Their homes are made of mud, they have dirt floors.
We've been asked, "Why do you treat worms in children if you know they are going to get them again?"  The answer is simple.  If we don't, the worms will increase inside the body and devour what little nutrition the child gets.  There is no option than to treat - it is better to treat and rid the body of the worms and re-treat again later than to allow the parasites to progress so much they snuff out the child's life.
Thanks for the money for Worm Pills that you raised selling the blackberries that you picked, Savannah
Treating people with worms is not cheap.  It cost NHA $3 per pill.  It takes one pill to cure a mild case of pins worms.  Unfortunately, we rarely see mild cases and usually they have round, whip, or hook worms. These situations take 6 pills or $18 per case to cure.
Again, its the teamwork of NHA, the praying, the giving, the loving that gives these children a chance.   Keep up the good work! Share NHA with others so that they too may be a part of helping the poor today so that their tomorrow may be brighter.

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