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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Mako: NHA School Report, update on Pa Foday, glimpse at the building progress on Compound

Dear friends and supporters of Nazareth House Apostolate School Kabala,

View from front door of Compound looking at school

We send you our greetings of love,peace and blessing from Kabala Koinadugu District, Northern Sierra Leone.

View of School looking down towards the new compound.

We want to thank God Almighty and you all out there for giving us the opportunity to have this school. We, as a school, want to thank Mama Vicki and Father Seraphim Hicks for their tireless and endless effort to support our school since Opening Day, the 17th of September 2008. They, in their little ways, have maintained and supported the school from beginning to now.

View from land we NHA is hoping to acquire, view of the Compound, the School & the small house

We also want to thank James for his constant relaying back and forth to bring help and support to us from Freetown. He has been a Godsend.

To our dear friends and supporters, who in different ways, have helped and supported us all these years,to you all we applaud your incredible and outstanding sense of humanity that has provided these children with quality education for a better living tomorrow.

The school with its Outhouse (little white building upper right)

It is from this background that I am glad to inform you all that your donations and support to Nazareth House Apostolate have been a huge blessing and changing the lives of hundreds of children.

Students with their teacher (May 2010)

The academic and learning process in the school is moving forward beautifully and as Head Teachers, we are doing our best to provide the quality teaching and structure that you as NHA have set as an example.

Some of the students with their teacher May 2010 (Note the NHA Compound in background.

At present the children are writing their 3rd Mid-Term Test,which is the final preparation leading into the final exams of the school year. School closes down come late June to early July. All of our children, save three were healthy and able to take their exams. The three of our children who were unable to take their exams were of ill health (Malaria).The ‘Home Visit Team’including Pa.Foday was able to help these children by taking them to Kabala Government Hospital (with Pa Foday's motorbike) for treatment.

Pa Foday resting as he recovers from malaria.

Pa.Foday after this, also was attacked again by Malaria and was in sick bed for some days. James brought him some medication from Freetown.

Pa Foday receiving meds for his malaria brought by James this weekend.

We thank God that Pa Foday is doing fine for now. He has also been monitoring the building of the NHA Compound across the street from the school. In the picture below you can see from the back of the Compound how close it is located to the school - see upper right corner of picture ...see the school?

It is good for us as a school to have so many students completing courses and testing. This is a great sign of success.

As the school year draws to a close it very important for us as the administration of the school to fully inform you all of the current events, standards and progress of the school.The school as we all know is a three class room building with office space and a store room.The school started with a Nursery class and classes 1-2-and 3. We have quickly outgrown our space with more and more parents wishing to enroll their children. We have added one more class this school year(class 4),which we have done by dividing one of the classes with a straw mat as a room divider.This we hope to do next school year as we will be adding another class (class 5).

We are planning to have our second school wide ‘Unity School Party’ at the end of the academic year.This we believe is very important to us.We use this day to organize cultural dances,drama and as a time to share food with our children and parents marking the end of the school year - another successful one.

Once more we want to thank you all for you support and help.

Much love from us all.