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Monday, September 14, 2009

Oldest Man in Kabala, Sierra Leone passes on leaving long legacy.

Written by James Mansaray, Freetown, Sierra Leone

As we all await the Lord’s final call one day, it is true according to the Biblical words that it is appointed for man to die and onto judgment..........This time round, the lot falls on our oldest in Kabala, a grandfather to many, a noble role model, custodian and Father of the Wara Wara Mountains, Justice of the peace, longest serving dispenser, master farmer of Koinadudu, the Honourable Pa Daniel M. Starke who finally lay to rest last night at his resident at Gbawuria at the tender age of one hundred and something something. ............. some say 110?

All we know is that he was over a hundred years old and many who had waited out his death have long since gone before him. Now has come his honorable and peaceful transformation to the next side of life.

Thanks to Mr. Kondowulay Paygay Mansaray, a great friend of mine (one of the best in my opinion and youngest aspirants for the local Chieftaincy Paramount Chief Post (to be held soon) for passing the message to me last night. He always helps me out with works at the NHA school, lending me his truck or whatever he can.

(Fr. Seraphim, Mama Vicki & Paygay at NHA Kabala School)

Kondowulay Paygay Mansaray was with the old man, Pa Starke as he dropped the body. He held him as he passed on.

Luckily forPa Starke, my usual NHA trips to Kabala prompted me to visit him in his house, escorted by one of his best son Bayo Mansaray. I was there to take his very last photographs. In a picture Memunatu Jalloh greeted the old man seeing him still happy and healthy.

He was a mentor to my father, the Rev. Foday Mansaray and more than a father to the whole nation. All will miss the good man.

I, for one, on behalf of our students and teachers at Nazareh House Apostolate School in Kabala, will never forget his vibrant support and encouraging words when we started the NHA school construction along the Ismaia Road Kabala Town.