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Saturday, July 25, 2009

NHA Kabala School Completes its first School Year!

Report from James Mansaray: Freetown, Sierra Leone

At the end of June, the Nazareth House Apostolate School in Kabala began closing down their educational activities for the year.

The last two weeks in July were all so busy with NHA school kids wrapping up their final exams as our devoted teachers calculating the final marks, compiling the final results of a successful school year. We can hardly believe one whole year in our new school building has been accomplished.

We’ve made a big mark this first year, giving the once unfortunate kids, the hope for a real education in a nice environment.

Thanks to all those who contributed

in making this a possibility. These photos show only a tiny handful of all of those who made it possible. (To see many more of them view the link on the right that says "Our Sponsors")

It was a must for me to be there representing Mama Vicki and Fr. Hicks who could not always afford it to witness such functions.

Lucy and Ann Marie just ended their school years so it was perfect timing for them to come with me so that they, too, could help do some voluntary job.

(Roo is excited to see his grandpa Pa Foday)

ROO said he too won’t be left behind on this trip and promise not to get ill this time round. This gave the opportunity for the whole St. Laurence House family

to make the long trip to Kabala late that evening.

I had to drive and must be very careful. Freetown to Makeni was easy followed by the rough and rainy drive from Makeni to Kabala. Two stops: one to greet our friends at the one hut village to give them supplies and another at Fadugu where the car’s battery died. All had to push for me to kick start the car again and we never stopped again until we reached Kabala late that night. It was fun though and worth it not to have stopped and risked the battery dying again. None of us will love to sleep in that forest or the dark highway.

It was all work the following day at the NHA school. Parents and kids all ready to receive the schools years reward.

Thanks to Mako one of our able teachers and his staff for arranging this well.

I was there doing the big man’s role documenting this event with tears in my eyes. The idea that we have this school is so wonderful and makes me emotional.

Lucy, Ann Marie, Kadijah and even ROO

all busy handing out results to the kids

and their parents as they walked to the high table packed with their school files.

Parents happy and amazed seeing their kids making the next level.

More kids coming in to see if they could be admitted seeing our progress. Once the compound is a reality and we can rest that we won't be living on the streets with no home for our supplies for the poor, then we might be able to think about expanding the school for more kids to attend. Everyone deserves an education.

The whole ceremony was crowned

with an end of year school party for this kids later on that evening. We'll talk about that in the next few blogs.

Once more thanks to you all for making this possible. See your money and prayers at work.................. Keep it going...

God bless you all. James.