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Monday, June 30, 2008

NHA Kabala School Report

Report by James Mansaray, Freetown: Today marks three full days since I returned from Kabala. Sorry I could not say a word on this blog about how it all went before today due to fatigue and some other urgent family needs that I had to tend to upon arrival home in Freetown. More over I had to sleep like Simba, our pet dog, to regain my strength. Thanks to Mama Vicki for keeping you informed about my safe return and the likes.

I bring you all greetings from Kabala. The school work is progressing steadily and this time it was all work, work, work. Pa Foday (my father) was busy buying sand from a nearby village whilst I was transporting cement with a pickup truck to the school site. More kids voluntarily came in to help and mama Fatu (my mother) even though sick, was doing the kitchen stuffs to help feed all the workers. Everybody was playing his or her own part to get all the walls and floors done. You can tell from the pictures that more concrete work was done. Each class room took ten bags of cement to get it done - - mixed with broken stone and sand to make it strong.

I had to be around this for a whole week as time is almost there and it won't be too long before schools are open. The kids are all aware of the facts that they will be entering to a new dry structure with nothing like rain to stop them like the previous years when they were all squeezed up in this tiny hut awning. Come September they will be in this new building and am quite sure we all will do our best to finish it before that date.

I had already promised and announced that both Mama Vicki and Fr. Hicks are working hard to so that they witness the grand opening ceremony of this new school. Pa Foday said it would not be fair for them not to be part of it so we are all looking forward to their arrival soon. I wish you all could come and celebrate with this kids.

As of now, they are busy finishing the windows, doors and ceiling before we placed the final coat of paint on it. Indeed it was a dream come true and am proud to say that not a single passerby in that area who won't stop and say thanks for this wonderful work, God bless all those who had contributed to make this a reality. More villagers are happy since the school is not too far from their farms and villages.

I have so much to say on completion of this project. Thanks to you all for making me be part of this wonderful job. Without you guys, it would have been impossible for us to reach this point. Please check the blog and/or photo web album on the website and see the pictures yourself.

I look forward to make the next trip to Kabala to see the structure completed more. God bless you all.


PS it is wonderful news that 43 students will receive uniforms and that worm meds are going to come our way. Thank you and please continue helping us.