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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Visit to Supplies Over Seas

Nazareth House Apostolate has used Supplies Over Seas to hand carry medical items to Sierra Leone several times, but yesterday was the first day that James and Pa Foday were able to come along and see where it all takes place.
James and Pa Foday with Theresa Burridge, Development Manager of SOS
Supplies Over Seas (SOS) is a Louisville, Kentucky-based nonprofit that meets critical health care needs in medically impoverished communities around the world by collecting and distributing surplus medical supplies and equipment.

Their collecting of these items allows us to put it to use in Kabala, where there is virtually no access to proper health care equipment.

You can find out more about SOS through their "who we are" page on their website at this link:

James and Pa Foday will be returning from Taylorsville with their luggage crammed full of desperately needed equipment to provide for the near by village clinic that our dear friend, nurse Ami, works tirelessly to give healthcare to eleven villages.  We can't begin to tell you how grateful we are that SOS provides such a great service which enables us to do this.
The Volunteers at SOS who sort the items meet James and Pa Foday 

It was a pleasure to meet everyone.

After a brief tour of the place by Theresa Burridge, development manager, we set to work filling our bags with medical supplies.

Aleica Willis, along with her husband, Eric and children - Leila, Jenna and Kelsay, met us there to help gather the needed items.

We were most thankful to Eric, who because of his paramedic skills and knowledge was able to discern

what we needed most and how to use the item.

Eric goes to town looking for everything that we most need in Kabala.  
As is the Nazareth House Apostolate way, we had fun collecting the items.

notice Eric in background, arms full of critically needed items for the clinic

Finally it was time to weigh and pay.

We were aware that at this time we could only grab what we could fit in luggage or ship, so we were limiting our poundage.

Bill Roof, Warehouse Specialist assisting James with our supplies 

 To our surprise we overfilled this box for only $50!  As James and Pa Foday begin to pack to go home, we will detail what we were able to acquire from SOS in a later blog posts. I can't begin to tell you how amazed we are by how much we got for so very little money.

Melissa Mershon, President and  CEO of SOS greeting James and Pa Foday 
What a wonderful service SOS provides!  Thank you SOS, Thank you!  ...and without a doubt there is a nurse and village clinics that will be thanking you as well!