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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Report: Completion of the Well at the Compound: What it is going to take to get the job done.

A March 10th email to Mama Vicki from James Mansaray:

The Mansaray Family a few weeks ago in Freetown.   

Dear Mama Vicki,

Good morning and thanks for the phone call yesterday. I had been keeping busy as usual even though donations and post deliveries are a bit slow but we are doing what we can.  

NHA School Kids send their greetings & love to you!  (©2012 NHA all rights reserved)

The kids are on exams so that makes all of us to be very involved with activities. The teachers are doing extremely well and happy. 

Did you ever send the report cards? We are indeed in need of them asap. Sad that post is very slow these days. 

Sorry for keeping you waiting on the well report due to reasons beyond my control. Yesterday I finally got the men to check it up again. Here is the estimate we came up with and it contains the materials we need to bring it to a finish. It might take us till April ending but it will be good if we start now before the Rainy Season begins. 

They say Cholera is on the outbreak in some part of Salone making it scary for lot of people but we are ok here for now.

Materials to Complete the Well:

1.       Forty six bags of cement needed to cover up lining walls, Centre for culvert,head walls and Apron A bag of cement is Le. 45,000 (forty five thousand leones ) bringing us to a total of Le. 1, 980,000 ( one million nine hundred and eighty thousand leones).
2.       One trip sand and one trip granite stone Le. 600,000 ( Six hundred thousand leones)
3.       Sixty pieces of 1length iron rod at Le. 15,000 (fifteen thousand leones each) bring us to a total of Le. 900,000( Nine hundred thousand leones).
4.        2 role Binding wire ( One hundred thousand leones)
5.       Still cover for the top  (One hundred thousand  leones
6.       Hand pump ( Three million leones) The need for it is to let other people like the area neighbors, the school to fetch water without having to walk to the stream. Water from the well will run straight to the tank which we will build at the back of the compound.
7.       Mole rental for concrete work ( Four hundred thousand leones) but I might borrow it to some people here in Kabala.
8.       Adding it up all, we will get a grand total of Seven million and eighty thousand Leones. The workers  were already paid their labor by Anthony (the general contractor)  so we owe them nothing! and there is already a tank in store. We just have to prepare food everyday as the work is going on. Sorry it looks a bit more than what we expect but this is it. I hope this help. March till April ending will be ok so let’s see what we can do.
Thanks for all.

Note: Please don't panic, 7,800,000 leones is equivalent to 
$1,775 in USDollar.   
We have $500 already in for this project 
which leaves us $1275 to raise 
as soon as possible.

The faster we can raise the money, the quicker we can get the project started and provide water for the NHA Compound, School and area neighbors.   

We have already paid the workers for their labor through the funds we paid 
the general contractor last year when the NHA Compound was being built.  The expenditures to complete the well are all material costs except for the daily feeding of the workers.   

IT IS IMPERATIVE that we complete this project by the end of April.  This means we need to buy the materials ASAP (NOW)  in order to finish before the rains set in. 

We'd appreciate your financial assistance in providing water for NHA Compound which in turn provides water for the community and our school.  Thank you. 

Kadijah & Baby Vicki.   Notice those big cheeks on that baby girl! 

NOTE TO JAMES:  Baby Vicki looks so much like your mother, Mama Fatu!