St. Simeon Skete, Taylorsville Kentucky USA

With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday refueling for another week

The sun is not yet rising here at St. Simeon Skete.  This morning’s Lauds and Liturgy has ended  and most of the strugglers (pilgrims) have returned to their cells.   It is such a wonderful sight to see the flashlights searching their way in the complete darkness, as the pilgrims make their way to the Chapel at 4:40 AM.  Please pray for those that are here this week as they deepen their relationship and the prayer.  We ask your prayers for them during their stay and as they return to their homes and life in the world, carrying what they have received out into the marketplace. 

St. Simeon Skete grounds       ©2012 NHA, All Rights Reserved 

Today, as everyday, there is much to hold in prayer.  The St. Simeon Skete Wailing Wall is filled with petitions.  Today we carry in prayer this Facebook status from Canon White, a priest working in the midst of turmoil in Baghdad, Iraq. 
Another bad weekend in the Middle East, Israel is blasted with over 100 rockets saved only by its new “Iron Dome Rocket Defense System’. Innocent and guilty killed in Gaza, as Israel try’s to defend itself. Al Qaida puts out a new threat to kill all Christians in the region. Young people continue to be killed in Iraq by dropping building blocks on their faces and nobody even reports this story. Syria remains a violent mess. In the midst of disaster G-d is still in total control and he said that in the last days it would be like this!” -Canon Andrew White

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NHA Sierra Leone Mission update: 
I will be forwarding the $600 we have now raised today for James to begin buying the necessary materials to get the workers on their way to finalizing the project.   Hopefully, by the end of the week will have raised enough to buy the remaining materials.   This is a project that is extremely necessary and one that must be completed quickly while the weather conditions are right for the job to be done.  Thank you to those who have sent in donations and to those who are planning on doing so.  Timing is important in this situation, please share the work of NHA and this particular need with your friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors - Spread the word, share the love.  Thank you. 

NHA School, Kabala     ©2012 NHA, All Rights Reserved 

Our students at the Nazareth House Apostolate School in Kabala are in the process of testing and report cards are being prepared.  Please pray for those involved in the school, students, teachers and administration as well as their parents.  Education is such a precious gift for all.  
James' parents Pa Foday and Mama Fatu go to check on students of NHA School.   ©2012 NHA, All Rights Reserved 

As your work week begins, please remember, you are in our prayers.  As you sit in snarled traffic, endure neurotic bosses, take that particularly hard exam, press to make unobtainable deadlines, struggle to find your lost set of keys when you are already late for work, run errands rather than eat during your lunch hour - through out those things that hold our day - remember,  there are those at Nazareth House Apostolate, St. Simeon Skete that are in it all with you, holding you in unceasing prayer and love.  God bless you all.