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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Death that should have been prevented!

Written by James Mansaray: Freetown, Sierra Leone
February 28, 2010

As I continue to come around more and more, I cannot help but to begin each day being so thankful that I am still alive. Memories of the car accident seems to be fading away with only my work to occupy my brain.
At Kroobay last week, after dropping off the bag of medications and supplies for the nurses,I told them about the car accident, they were all so freaked out. They were concerned for me but it was obvious that they also worried who should have been in my shoes to help them out if I had not made it.

It was a good thing that God enlisted my guardian Angel to keep me safe to do a bit more work and if it be God's will, He will allow me to stay for more years so that this Nazareth House work of love continues. This work load is heavy, but it must be done.

The most sad event I witnessed, just after walking out of the doors of the hospital in Kabala, was a neighbors son who died after falling at a sporting event and he break something.
No money to get him to the hospital, no proper attention, so the boy died after three days of crying pain. This made me to forget my own trouble.
This is the very reason we need your help, we need to help these families out! They are not lazy, they all work and work hard.
They are so poor that the opportunities to see a doctor or feed themselves just doesn't happen.
They can't even afford a decent coffin for burial.
We need help from outside.
We need help from you!

I guess you all must have heard of this Emergency NHA mission trip to Sierra Leone. We are losing our place of residence in Freetown.
God will provide. Many time God places a need in a heart but it is ignored and God's wishes are not met. Please allow him to work through you. Don't cast you eyes another way, see what is happening here. See our needs.
I for one just cant wait to see Mama Vicki, Emily and Fr. Seraphim here after surviving this car wreck. Had it been the other way, it would have been a big loss for me not to ever work with you guys and continue what together we have started.
So I am using this new life that I have to ask you all to come help us accomplish this our goal. Mama Vicki tells me that we are a few thousand dollars short on our "on the ground" needs money.
This is what we use to care for the poor while we travel through the country. It is definite we will happen upon people with big needs, it is up to those who have the means to offer help to make it a reality. I know I will hate to shake my empty hands at them and walk away. I hope I am not in that position, I pray I will be able to offer them help. Please do not let our people down.

It is always the same old needs here. Possibly things are even worse. More and more suffer and die needlessly. Nothing is too little, for anything and everything will be used to help save a life.

James, The Lucky Man.

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