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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rewinding, Let's start 2010 all over again...

Nazareth House Apostolate thanks you for your continued prayers during a difficult time. As James struggles to recover and NHA struggles to acquire a new building to house our staff and supplies, we ask your support in prayer, in compassion and financially.

While James recuperates from the injuries sustained in the vehicle accident injuries, let's rewind back to a happier time. A time of tradition, family, friendship and love.

The Kabala Traditional...

Written by James Mansaray: 1 January 2010

On December 31st, the last day of the year it is a day celebrated differently by so many, but for most of us, the Church is the right place to be. Hearing the last bell tolls are believed to be signs of new life, more prospect and long life and health in the new born year.

Traditionally, so it is here in Sierra Leone. In Kabala, it is seen differently.

Every person making the loudest request as if God

was far away. Being in Pa Foday’s little

Church at Ismaia Road that cold evening was like nothing else. A huge pot of black

coffee boiling and waits to heat up the thirsty cold tongues of the peaceful villagers.

I mean this coffee was really hot! and hard to drink but people kept going for

more and more.

What a life,

so simple and peaceful.

Few hours later, day light is here

and we are set to make

the traditional visit to Hill # 2

which is situated right in the far end of town.

A beautiful mountain designed by The Creator. You cant tell how it is like till you try it.

Hiking up it is the only way. Far different from the lousy beach scene with fancy cars, loud music and revealing dancing and stuffs that you see at Freetown beaches,etc.

This is all God-made land meant

to be manually trekked on, physical work out without electronic gadget help.

I sometimes wonder who first came up with this idea but I was born meeting this yearly occasion meant only for the able and

physically fit to climb. It is all about going up there,

meeting friends,

eating together and then returning back down the mountain.

The pains behind it

are far less

than the fun

of getting there.

As soon as you get there you easily forget what you’re sore muscles gone through.

Most inhabitants in Kabala

will tell you that they are doing it for fun

and a way of welcoming the new year in our Kabala way.

Others especially first timers, will tell you that they have heard about it and want to make a try. White folks, mostly those that call themselves "missionaries", and tourists will tell you that they are doing it because it is the best place to be in Sierra Leone on New Years Day and that Kabala people

are so hospitable and welcoming.

This is very true.

This day you see all putting on their best clothes,

eat a lot of chicken,

and meeting friends and family members who they may not have seen for a long time.

Nothing can stop you from making this hike

until you become too old enough to make the climb,

but this is always passed on from

generation to generation.