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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

UofL Students feed entire village in Kabala

Times have changed, the world is not the same and it seems to be changing faster and faster.  We are dealing with diseases like Ebola that spread from border to border by ever increasing global travel.  The stop gaps of the past to contain within an area are diminished.

Technology has taken a huge place in our lives - from young to old.  Conversations at the dinner table have gave way to individual attention to text messaging conversations on a phone screen.  The person to person contact is limited and distorted.

Some from traditional ways, the old school, tend to be concerned as to what the future holds -- especially for the young people of today.  The baby boomers wonder -will future generations maintain the values of yesteryear?  Will they withdraw into self-centeredness?  Will they completely discard the hopes and dreams of the past generations?  

Haven't we all heard these words "The youth of today, they just don't care"?   I remember hearing my parents say it and I bet you remember hearing it as well.    And there are individual indications and cases in which that statement can ring true.

 Yet, much louder and much clearer are the actions of the students from University of Louisville that quash such an opinion.   These students are the epitome of the younger generation caring and putting that compassion into deed!

In January 2015, Nazareth House Apostolate received a check from a fundraiser by the Students of University of Louisville for aid to Sierra Leone in wake of the Ebola Outbreak.

At that time, the villagers in Kabala were suffering extreme hunger as food supplies and needs were diminishing greatly due to the ongoing Ebola Outbreak.

More people in the villages near Kabala were suffering starvation and other consequences of Ebola than of Ebola itself.

Naked and hungry children.  Sierra Leone. 
The UofL Students raised over $600.
MeNore Lake, Ryan Eid and Dr. Harris of UofL at fundraiser to benefit NHA in Sierra Leone
That amount, together with a special donation from Dr. Muriel Harris and Dr. and Mrs. Baumann, allowed us to give rice out to every family in the entire village.

Not only that, we were also able to ship much needed supplies to our staff in Sierra Leone along with the Annual Candy Cane treats we normally give out each Christmas.  We were late this year because it was difficult to ship to Sierra Leone during the ebola situation, but now we are getting things in.

Children of 1st World Countries are used to tons of expensive gifts under the Christmas tree.  The children in Kabala are not!  However, they are delighted with their simple Christmas gift of a few candy canes.  They wait all year for this special treat.  And its always received with no complaints - it is always the right size and color!

Our hats are off to the Students of University of Louisville and Dr. Harris along with Dr. and Mrs. Baumann ...


They have shown to us all that being there for our brothers and sisters in need is important.

...and that it doesn't take billions of dollars and lots of resources - it only takes a few with giant hearts to make it happen.  Thank you students of UofL for this great act of compassion.  You give us hope!

"So what did you do yesterday?"   UofL Student: "I fed an entire village not just for the day but for a few weeks."   How many people can say that?

NHA looks forward to a continuing relationship with these students in hopes of partnering them with our students at the Nazareth House Apostolate School in Kabala.  Their energy and compassion together with the work of NHA can go far in the little town of Kabala.