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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The 100 Names of Jesus

The Icon on this cover is enthroned at Anna House, St. Simeon Skete
From the daily insights of working on the streets, in 1997 Seraphim put together this list of the hundred Names of Jesus.  There are many more Names of Jesus within the Epistles but Seraphim restricted himself to only those taken from the Four Gospels.

Pa Amadu Barrie, Waliullah and Seraphim had many deep discussions about the names of God.
The Hundred Names of Jesus ©1997 NHA

  1. Ax: cutting illusion, Mt. 3:10
  2. Bread of Life: that none may hunger, Jn. 6:35
  3. Babe: to be held gently in my heart, Lk. 2:16
  4. The Thirsty One: who Thirsts for me, Jn. 19:28
  5. Carpenter: that I may be made in His image, Mk. 6:3
  6. Destination: being my source and destination at the same time, Jn. 14:2,3.
  7. Divider: separating me from what is not Him, Mt. 3:12; Mt. 25:32,33
  8. Uniter: that I may be one with Him who is One, Jn. 17:21, Eph. 4:11-13, Jn. 12:32
  9. Gatherer: that I may not be scattered. Mt. 12:30
  10. Door: giving liminality, Jn. 10:7 
  11. Dayspring: God’s light breaking into darkness, Lk. 1:78-79
  12. Emmanuel: God with us, Mt. 1:23. 
  13. Friend: to be friendly, Mt. 11:9, Lk 7:34, Jn. 15: 12-14. 
  14. Forsaken: God forsaking Himself for us, Mk. 15:34. 
  15. Gift: to be given, Jn. 4:10.
  16. Governor: to direct my life, Mt. 2:5b-6. 
  17. Heir: killed to take His inheritance, Mk. 12:7
  18. IAM: because no one name can describe Him, Jn. 8:58 
  19. Invisible: choosing visibility in us, Jn. 14:19-20
  20. Nazarene: to remind me that holiness isn’t at all where or what I think it is, Jn: 1:45; Mt. 21:11, 2:23; Lk. 24:19b-24     
  21. Key: unlocking the mysteries of the Kingdom, Mt. 16:19
  22. Lamb of God: who takest away the sins of the world, Jn. 1:29
  23. Light: for my path, Jn. 8:12
  24. Lord of The Sabbath: making each day holy, Mt. 12:7-8.
  25. The Life & the Resurrection: that none need fear death, Jn. 11:25-26
  26. Lord and Master: before which I prostrate, Jn. 13:13; Lk. 8:24.
  27. Messiah: my deliverer, Jn. 4:25-26, 1:41
  28. Manna: to be eaten, Jn. 6:31-35
  29. Last: so taking the last place that no one has ever been able to get it away from Him, Mk.10:43b-45. 
  30. The Hungry One: to be fed, Mt. 25:35
  31. Needful: that I might choose the better, Lk. 10:41-42
  32. Physician: making me whole, Lk.4:23
  33. Pearl: to be sought, Mt. 13:45-46
  34. Rejected: to be embraced, Lk. 17:24-25
  35. Rest: for the weary, Mt. 11:28-30
  36. Shepherd: to follow, Jn. 10:11-16
  37. Stranger: to be known, Lk. 24:13-35 
  38. Transfigured: The Beyond in our midst,  Mk. 8:34-9:10, 16:12, Mt. 17:2
  39. Teacher: to learn and to be taught, Mt. 10:25, 7:28-29
  40. Truth: to be told and lived, Jn. 14:6, 1:14
  41. The True Vine: to be a part of, Jn. 15:1,5
  42. Word: to be spoken, Jn. 1:1-4
  43. Way: to be walked, Jn. 14:6;1:14
  44. Water of Life: to be drank, Jn. 4:13, 14
  45. New Wine: making all things joyfully new, Mt. 26:27, 29. 
  46. Yoke fellow: learning the unforced rhythms of grace, Mt. 11:28-30
  47. Jesus: The “Sonning” of God, Lk. 1:31, 8:28, Mk. 5:7, Jn. 10:36, Mt. 1:21
  48. Son of David: showing His mercy from generation to generation, Mk. 10:47
  49. Saviour: making me one of the rescued, Mt. 1:21, Lk. 1:31, 2:11
  50. The Towel and Water: example to be followed, Jn. 13:4-5, 12-15.
  51. The Homeless One: to be taken in, Mt. 8:20
  52. The Eternal One: to be found in the eternal now of the Father, Jn. 8:58
  53. Creator: speaking things into existence, Jn.1:3 
  54. Consolation of Israel: that I may be consoled, Lk. 2:25
  55. God: to be my all, Jn. 20:28
  56. Ruler: to rule my life, Mt. 2:6
  57. Holy One of God: to render me holy, Mk. 1:24
  58. Horn of Salvation: (“Horn” here symbolizes strength) stronger than all my sin, Lk. 1:69
  59. Life: to be lived, Jn. 14:6 
  60. Son of Man: may He find rest in me, Mt. 8:20
  61. Mercy: that I may have, become, and render, Lk. 1:78, 1:50, Mt. 5:7, 9:13 
  62. Remember: that I may be ‘re’-membered, Lk. 22:19.
  63. Tameion: to be entered, - Mt. 6:6
  64. Hour: to be prayed, Mt. 26:36-41 (40)
  65. Lord of the Harvest: prayed and labored for, Lk. 10:2
  66. Presence: Name gathering, Mt. 18:20. 
  67. The Pilgrim/wanderer: going down the road but the road is inside, Lk. 9:57-62
  68. Prophet without Honor: indicting familiarity, Mt. 13:57
  69. The Imprisoned One: to be visited and released, Mt. 25:36
  70. Father Confessor: who forgives, Lk. 7:49
  71. Greater: giving courage to be less, Jn. 3:30
  72. Provider: freeing from attachment, Mt. 6:33
  73. The Chosen: who chooses me, Jn. 15:16, Lk. 9:35
  74. Deserted: that I may not be, Mt. 27:46
  75. Blessed Sacrament: to be visited, Lk. 10:39-42
  76. Sacrifice: to be offered, Jn. 15:13
  77. The Temple: my place of worship, Jn. 2:19
  78. Sower: making possible the harvest, Mt. 13:4, 37, Jn. 4:36
  79. Bridegroom: that I may not be alone, Mt. 25:6, Jn. 3:29
  80. Samaritan: binding my wounds, Lk. 10:30-36
  81. The Rock: that I may have a sure foundation, Mt. 16:18
  82. Righteous man: that I may glorify God, Lk. 23:47
  83. Mouth of God: that I may hear and live, Mt. 4:4
  84. Cornerstone: holding together, Mt. 21:42-44
  85. Son of Joseph: giving meaning to humanity, Lk. 4:22
  86. Anointed: to preach the Gospel to the poor, Lk. 4:18
  87. Guest: to be ready for, Lk. 19:7
  88. Flesh: to be our food, Jn. 6:49-58
  89. Drink: that I may have eternal life, Jn. 4:13-14
  90. Comforter: with which to comfort, Jn. 14:16-18
  91. Brother Son: that I may be both, Mt. 12:50
  92. King: to be in subjection, Jn. 1:49
  93. Messenger: the message for all, Jn. 6:38, 7:29, Mt. 21:37
  94. The Naked One: to be clothed, Mt. 25:36
  95. Love: loving, Jn. 3:16
  96. The Sick: to be visited, Mt. 25:36
  97. Peace: that my heart may not be troubled, Jn. 14:27, 16:33
  98. Son of Mary: that I may not be motherless, Lk. 2:7, Jn. 19:27
  99. Householder: leaving none behind, Mt. 20:1, (vv. 1-16)
  100. “  Your Name”  : Jesus disguised as your life, Mt. 25:34-40.      
“Who do you say that I am?” Mt. 16:15    

Discussion:  the Names of God 

“Spread your protection over them, that those who love your Name, may rejoice in You” Ps. 5:11   

“From the rising of the sun to its setting my Name is great among the nations, and in every place incense is offered to my name,” Malachi 1:11

Sheik Huran of Senegal and Seraphim talk about the Names of God.