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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

If you have to shop - don't waste it.

During this Christmas Season, its a sure bet that sooner or later you are going to end up either in a shopping mall or a grocery store and when you do you will no doubt run into one of these - a grocery cart. 

These carts provide a great opportunity to do something wonderful for others.  It can be a vehicle to care for others in a special way.   

Maybe your shopping list is running through your head, or you are in a hurry to get what you need and get home - even still, take time when you reach for that cart to pray for the person who used it just prior to you.  "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." Philippians 2:4.   

When you've completed your shopping make sure to PUT YOUR CART where it belongs.  Don't leave it in a parking space, put it where it belongs.  Brother Lawrence, a lay brother in a Carmelite Monastery in Paris believed simple things were glorious ways to worship God.  He said "It is enough for me to pick up but a straw from the ground for the love of God."  

St. Terese of Lisieux said "Little things done out of love are those that charm the Heart of Christ...On the contrary, the most brilliant deeds, when done without love, are but nothingness." 

As you place your cart back in the cart corral remember to pray for the next person that will use the cart.  Pray that they are able to have enough money for their groceries, or that they make the right choices in their shopping.  Pray for their families.  Pray for the next infant that will sit in the seat.  "So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith" Galatians 6:10

Its like saying the Jesus Prayer as you sweep your floor, each whisk of the broom is a prayer.  If you add prayer into the mundane, everyday tasks of your life not only are you blessed but also those around you.  

So while we are rushing around trying to find time to do this Holiday stuff, lets be sure to keep the focus on what this Season is all about.  

"Let all that you do be done in love." 1Corinthians 16:14