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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

NHA Report: 7 Days of Updates

DAY ONE: General updates...

Today marks exactly four weeks since my knee surgery. This morning was the first time I was able to kneel throughout the Liturgy.  progress ...

The day of surgery I was happy to see the high tech way in which they marked which knee the surgery should be performed!
There is still a bit of minor swelling but the improvements are remarkable.  I am thrilled with the outcome and are very thankful for the skillful work of Louisville Orthopedics Team and grateful for all the prayers.   Thank you.

The weather at St. Simeon Skete matches the temperatures in Sierra Leone reaching almost 110 in the shade!  The difference being, that in Sierra Leone, they are getting rain... lots of it!

In Kabala, Sierra Leone the well is completed and functioning, serving the villagers around it - and the NHA School and Compound.

 A tank is under construction and when finished it will pipe water into the compound so that when Kadijah turns on the faucet, amazingly, water will run out.

Thank you for all of your support in getting this project accomplished.

The NHA School has completed yet another year and we will be reporting on that later this week.

St. Simeon Skete acquired some chickens last month and we are anxiously awaiting the "egg laying".  

The chickens, a rather mellow and friendly bunch, fit rather well in the hesychastic environment

of the skete and have been named "The Hesychicks".