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With St. Simeon, the God receiver, as our patron, the skete seeks to practice the ideals found in our Rule, The Thousand Day Nazareth. In simplicity and poverty, the skete embraces the struggle of inner life through the practice of the Prayer Rope.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random notes & updates from NHA.

It is fitting that so soon after Kadijah suffers at the hands of bad pharmaceuticals in Freetown that prints this story:
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SalonePost has finally come through for us and delivered 6 boxes to James. We've been waiting for these boxes for quite sometime.

This will enable James and Kadijah to make a delivery to Kroo Bay of much needed medical supplies! We are so thankful for the cooperation of Salone Post.

Its been a while and I'm not sure what all is in the boxes but James will report as soon as he opens, sorts and distributes. If you had sent medication recently, chances are it will be in these shipments.

Fr. Seraphim is not completely back to health, but he is making improvement. Slowly but surely, it seems the "feeling better" times are making a good try at interrupting the "feeling worse" times. A good sign. He was able to eat a bit more yesterday. He is drinking plenty of water and the color in his face is better. We thank you for the continued prayers. As I have said many times before - they are the wings for NHA.

We are falling behind on payments to the contractor and he is unable to make progress on the finishing of the NHA Compound. You see, he isn't a rich man. He depends on our payments to buy the materials to complete the construction of the Compound. Every penny he receives from us, he adds more to the structure. Since we haven't been able to make a payment in a few weeks; he has not been able to buy the materials and pay the workman. If at all possible, we ask you to make a donation towards the purchase of the NHA Compound very soon ...and in turn enable us to further its completion. Please prayerfully consider our plea. The continued and expanded work of Nazareth House depends on God as He expresses Himself through your prayers, compassion and generosity. Please give today.

NHA Compound Fund
2216 Goldsmith Lane
Louisville, KY 40218
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